The figures in the picture are (left to right) Dr. William T. G. Morton (ether as an anesthetic), James Bogardus (cast-iron fireproof building), Samuel Colt (revolver; pistol on box at left), Cyrus H. McCormick (reaper; model on floor at lower left), Joseph Saxton (fountain pen, “ever-pointed” pencil, and many other inventions), Charles Goodyear (vulcanization of rubber; overshoes under his chair), Peter Cooper (“Tom Thumb,” first locomotive in United States), Jordan L. Mott (coal-burning cooking stove), Joseph Henry (experiments in electricity, first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution), Eliphalet Nott (thirty patents on stoves and boilers), John Ericsson (first screw-propelled man-of-war), Frederick E. Sickels (drop cut-off for steam engines), Samuel F. B. Morse (telegraph; model on table), Henry Burden (horseshoe machine; model partially concealed by Hoe; and “rotary concentric squeezer” for rolling puddled iron into bars), Richard Hoe (cylinder press and type-revolving press), Erastus B. Bigelow (power loom for carpets; sketch on wall at right), Isaiah Jennings (friction match, threshing machine, and many other inventions), Thomas Blanchard (tack-making mchine and multipurpose lathe; behind sewing machine, lower left), Elias Howe (sewing machine; model at his feet).