Tabor, Freemont Co, Iowa, Aug. 1857.    

George L Stearns Esqr

Boston Mass

      My Dear Sir

   Please find enclosed first number of a series of Tracts lately gotten up here. Would be glad to know how you like it. I am waiting further advice from Free State friends in Kansas with whom I have speedy private communication lately started. I am at this moment unable to move very much from an injury of my back: but getting better fast. I am in immediate want of from Five Hundred to One Thousand Dollars for secret service & no questions asked. Will you exert yourself to have that amount, or some part of it; placed in your hands subject to my order? I have learned with gratitude what has been done to render my Wife & Children comfortable. May God himself be the everlasting portion of all the contributers. This generous act has lifted a heavy load from my heart. Rather interesting times were some expected in Kansas at last accounts: but no great excitement is reported. Our next advices may entirely change the aspect of things. I hope the friends of Freedom will respond to my call: & "prove me now herewith." This is intended for any friends to whom you may think propper to show it. Please write me at once (directing Envelope to Jonas Jones, Esqr. Tabor, Freemont Co. Iowa.) He will forward to me when I leave.

Respectfully Your Friend      
John Brown